Support for the Good Hope Support Organization NGO operating in Tanzania

During the early years of his life, Gabriele had contact with the children of Africa.
Best of friends
We decided, in fact, to raise money at each of his birthdays to help a sick child, Sebastien, from Madagascar and with our help he has been able to heal, go to school and is back to having a future.

Gabriele was very happy to have helped Sebastien, just by giving up some of his gifts; he looked carefully at the drawings that Sebastien sent us and wanted to visit him in Africa.

So we decided to start our path of solidarity in the name and memory of Gabriele from Africa, claiming the Good Hope Support Organization NGO in Tanzania, which has been active in northern Tanzania since 2011, as our first project. It offers the opportunity for a better future to the children and young people of the Moshi region with serious family problems, health or economic issues and those marginalized by the education and health systems.

The history of this association has really impressed us, for the incredible strength of will shown by the founders Oliver Canada, Asia Ally, Khadija Salimu, Yona Ndonde and the whole team of workers and volunteers both local and international, as they surpass obstacles of every kind, driven only by passion, love and solidarity.

The mission statement for Good Hope Support Organization, includes these words, which mirror our own philosophy and spirit:
Providing education, skills, knowledge, support, comfort, safety and love for children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS, orphans, people suffering from diseases, and disadvantaged people, in order to help them to create a life full of hope.
A desire that through our services people can move forward in their lives with dignity, respect and hope

Good Hope has created a community center where children can be cared for, listened to, supported psychologically, and can follow various support courses (English, history, geography, maths, science, culture, human rights, arts), do sport and find a sponsor to enable them to attend school until graduation.

Good Hope does not have any restrictions and / or relationship with religious institutions, political parties and / or other international organizations.

The results achieved in the Good Hope NGOs have been extremely positive for the local community. Every year the number of children and young people requiring assistance and support increases, thus new goals and new projects need to be set and more challenges await the Association Team.

In 2015 Good Hope consistently followed more than 20 children and teenagers, while about 40 students have received sponsorship to attend state schools in the Moshi region through the organization.

At the same time the Good Hope community has become like a large family and an important reference point for children, young people and their families, who consider the center an oasis of serenity and joy.

In order to cope with increased responsibilities and expectations, Good Hope is looking at how best to improve organization strategies, use its human resources better and ensure the funds raised by supporters are maximised.

So, together with managers of Good Hope, we decided that the funds collected during the course of 2016 by Gabriele Onlus will be utilized in the following ways:

60% of the funds raised will go directly to projects for children and education:
> Creation of a Reserve Fund for the sponsorships of school education
> Establishment of a fund for medical expenses in case of student health emergency
> New sponsorship program for children of pre-school age

20% of the sum raised will go towards the sustenance of workers and volunteers and the integration of new professionals that will make the development of new activities possible.
These funds will also help to deal with the government fee on visas for international volunteers, from 2016 the Government of Tanzania has doubled, thus making the work of the NGOs more difficult.

The remaining 20% will be earmarked for operating costs at Moshi Reception Centre, and in particular:
> School supplies (paper, pencils, pens, chalk, exercise books, photocopies and prints)
> Breakfast for young students (Monday to Friday)
> Local rent at the Reception Centre
> Maintenance and utilities related to the Centre
> Transfer service for young students
> Internet connection
> To manage the site expenses
> Postage

Starting in 2016, the non-profit organization Gabriele Onlus will organize events to raise funds to support this worthy project.
The events already planned to support this project are:
> April 6, 2016: Bridge Tournament in Rome “The Power of Play
> 29 and 30 April 2016: Photography exhibition “Contatti” with the sale of the works exhibited in Rome at the Fundation Pastificio Cerere

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