Hello everyone! My name is Gabriele
I was born on the 10th of January 2007 on a tiny island right in the centre of Rome, to a French mother, Amandine and an Italian father, Riccardo.

Just a moment, I have to tell you something and then we won’t say any more about it. My life was short due to a viscious illness which wouldn’t leave my body, despite following all the doctor’s orders and my enormous desire to live, it just wouldn’t go.

Just before Christmas in 2012 and not long before my 6th birthday, I had to leave my lovely home all covered in festive decorations, my adored brother Tommaso, my 2 cocker spaniels, all my school and friends, to begin a long and painful series of therapy to try to rid me of this horrible illness, the name of which I never heard in two years: acute myeloid leukemia.

My parents always protected me from the reality of my illness giving me, as best as they could, serenity and the warm scent of home and in exchange I gave them my smile and all my strength to fight.

I hardly ever cried in hospital – what use would it have been? It would not have cured me. Instead I chose to laugh, play and continue to think of my hopes and desire sas before.
I was so positive and brave that one of the very important doctors in the New York hospital where I was treated, gave me his Marathon medal! He chose me out of so many other children – I felt very proud and happy.

I’ll tell you a bit about me.
I love drawing and painting. DSCN0658
I have made hundreds of pictures and painted many canvases and I signed them all with my personal autograph – a little man with a curly moustache, a hat and a pipe. I like to be original. Everyone tells me I am talented and so I started thinking that perhaps in a previous life I was an artist – maybe Mirò! One time at school, we went to see his exhibition and I loved his work. Actually I’m sure I made those pictures, I really was Mirò!
I also love Modigliani and Van Gogh.

I could not accept the idea of my own death.
I just don’t believe that everything ends right there. So having had a good think, I became enlightened by this belief: that as one life ends, another begins – we are reincarnated. Furthermore, we can choose who or what to become! My family and I have already decided that we are going to become a family of cats. In order to find out a bit more about these creatures and what awaits us, I chose and bought my beloved cat Milo – or more accurately, he chose me!

Other things I love are:
writing fantastical stories and taking photos with my father, cooking and speaking French with my mother, playing with my brother, Tommaso: together we get up to all sorts of mischief! Playing tricks and practical jokes on others is also a favourite pass-time of mine, especially if it’s my grandparents, Alberto and Patrizia, and falling about laughing when they get caught out is also great fun!
I love Vietnamese food (my mother has Vietnamese blood and I am very proud of my almond shaped eyes which come from her!) I also like insects – the creepier the better – even though they can freak me out at times…… The snow is one of my favourite things. I remember the day when it fell and transformed my city into a winter wonderland. I also enjoy dressing up and have transformed myself into Dracula, a mime artist, a tap dancer, a magician, an artist….. actually, I would have been a great actor!

I hate people who mess up the environment and don’t care about the planet. My brother and I are members of Greenpeace and defenders of nature. I love nature and especially the mountains and woodlands, with their mysterious inhabitants. Oh and the sea! I dreamed of the sea so much when I was stuck in hospital and longed to dive into its waters and be free.

I have a friend in Madagascar called Sebastien.
He needed help because he was sick and his mother could not look after him. His father was dead. So I asked all of my friends not to give me a birthday present, but instead to give money to Sebastien and he got better and went back to school. He sent me a lovely drawing and thank you letter.

Now, once again, it’s time for me to help other children with problems, children who on their own don’t have the strength to fight their difficulties.

So, on my birthday, my parents set up a charity in my name, carrying my same signature of the little man with his moustache, hat and pipe, to help children all over the world.

I would be so happy if you decided to join us on our mission to make a difference!

Thank you!