The comitato Gabriele Onlus was established in Rome on January 10th, 2015, on what would have been Gabriele Amici’s eigth birthday. This non-profit organization will act, in Gabriele’s name, for the protection of children and our environment in both direct and indirect ways by supporting projects and other associations.

Promoters and founders of the association:DSC_0151
Riccardo Amici (father and President)
Amandine Scheffer (mother and Vice President)
Alberto Amici (grandfather)
Patrizia Bartoli (grandmother)
Emanuela Amici (aunt)
Andrea Urbani (uncle)

Corporate purpose:

The Gabriele Onlus Committee is devoid of any profit-making, and pursues exclusively charitable purposes, the aim being to raise funds, goods and / or other benefits for charity directly or through other non-profit organizations operating in the fields expressed in art. 10, c. 1, letter. a) of Legislative Decree no. 4 December 1997 n. 460, as part of measures for the protection, care and / or education of disadvantaged children due to physical, mental, economic, social or family and / or in the context of measures to protect and enhance nature and the environment.
For the realization of the purposes set out in this article, the Committee therefore exercises its charitable activities in the charitable sector also following art. 10, c. 2-bis of Legislative Decree. N. 460/1997.

The non-profit organization was registered in the list of non-profit organizations held at the DR Lazio with effect from 21 January 2015.

Registered Office: Rome, Via R. Grazioli Lante n. 11
Tax Code: 97828680583
Tel. +39.3346769586 / +39.3456853257

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